Model-based Fuel and Emissions Optimization

Calibrate offline at your desk to reduce time at the test bench

Today’s complex engine controls require more and more tests to validate emissions. With test bench time at a premium, calibrators frequently look for ways to minimize in-vehicle test time on the emissions dyno.

The Challenge

You may often find yourself in a situation where you need to validate emission calibrations but can’t get dyno time. Or you just tried a calibration at the chassis dyno and are really close, but you have to wait another day to try the next value. Wouldn’t it be great then to have your own personal test bench right at your fingertips, accessible at any time?

The Solution

ETAS ASCMO provides a way to reach emission limits for a given part load cycle and vehicle with minimum fuel consumption in a virtual environment.

ETAS ASCMO creates models using empirical data. These models can be evaluated by drive cycles (like the FTP cycle) right at the desktop. For example: Typical problems like high NOx implicate certain calibration changes without predicting the precise adjustment value. ETAS ASCMO enables calibrators to try several value changes in order to choose the one which works best before actually running the vehicle on the dyno.

The Benefits

The virtual nature of ETAS ASCMO allows users to evaluate multiple calibration solutions on the desktop in a matter of minutes instead of spending days for several tests on the emissions test bench. Once the calibrator determines the optimal calibration value, only a terminal vehicle test run for confirmation is necessary.