Cables and Connectors

ETAS offers cables as product accessories. Cables can be ordered either along with a product based on the product description or independently.

Various cable types are available:

  • Cables for connecting devices
  • Power supply cables
  • Cables for transmitting input signals from devices, for instance cable connecting device to sensor
  • Cables to connect a PC (for instance to Ethernet, USB)
  • Multi-purpose (all-in-one) cables with various functions, for instance power supply, Ethernet, and time synchronization

Cables are available in different cable types (for instance Ethernet, CAN, LIN, USB, power).

Cables come with different connector types (for instance power supply, Ethernet connection, sensor connection).

For an improved overview, cable type and connector type are printed on the side of the cable and include information about which hardware modules the cable can connect.

ETAS indicates the following information in its cable names:

  • Cable’s purpose (for instance Ethernet-PC-connector, FlexRay-interface cable)
  • Connector type (for instance Lemo, DSUB)
  • Number and type of pins in parentheses (mc = male connector, fc = female connector, c = open end)
  • Cable length (for instance 2 m = 2 meter, 1m5 = 1.5 meter)

Example: Connection Cable, Lemo 1B FGG – Lemo 1B FGG (14mc-14mc), 0m5 for the cable CBV300-0.5


  • Vehicle compatible and high signal quality
  • Tested in numerous production and development projects
  • Robust Lemo connectors and high-quality materials
  • Remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40 °C
  • Mechanical coded connectors to prevent miswiring
  • Color-coded connectors to guide the user
  • Blue color ensures cable is easy to see
  • Available in a variety of lengths at customer request

Custom cables can be produced according to your specifications. For more information on custom cables, please contact your local ETAS sales representative.