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Automotive Cybersecurity

Reduce Risk. Increase Potential.

To make the dream of connected, automated, and software-defined mobility come true, IT security needs a new dimension. We at ETAS are leading the way – creating solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. We develop and market pioneering cybersecurity products and services. Since more than 20 years we provide ongoing assistance and systematically protect a vehicle throughout its entire lifecycle.

How we do it

As a pioneer and thought leader in automotive security (ESCRYPT), our holistic approach is unique. We have always been known for an integrated cybersecurity strategy rather than individual solutions.

This puts us at your side when it comes to safeguarding SDV business models and road users, reducing risks and increasing your potential.

Why ETAS? 

  • Trusted long term partner of multiple OEMs for automotive cybersecurity
  • 360° security perspective through expertise in whole ETAS and Bosch portfolio
  • Market leader for embedded automotive cybersecurity solutions

Design security

We provide a product security organization framework to achieve ISO21434 compliance and security tools for risk management and penetration/fuzz testing.

Enable security

We offer embedded software products, like Hardware Security Module and cryptographic libraries for micro controllers as well as for vehicle computers (i.e., System on a Chip) to protect from misuse of cryptographic keys. In addition, we offer solutions for intrusion detection & prevention solution including automotive firewall to protect from manipulation of data or communication.

Manage Security

At ETAS we offer integrated intrusion detection and protection for vehicle fleets worldwide.  We enable you to manage security with an in-vehicle intrusion detection system, security monitoring for the entire connected fleet through Vehicle Security Operations Centers and continuous risk management via over the air updates.