ES582 – USB CAN FD Bus Interface

The ES582.1 module is a dual-channel, compact and cost effective CAN FD interface. The module is a solution with flexible data rate support for connecting the PC or notebook to vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) busses or the CAN port of individual electronic control units (ECU) on the vehicle.
ES582 - USB CAN FD Bus Interface

The ES582.1 module connects with a PC or notebook over USB. The module gets power supply by the PC or notebook and no external power supply is needed. Installation and configuration require only minimum effort.

Measurement data are recorded by the ES582.1 module. All ES582 measurement data are accurately synchronized by INCA with signals from other ECUs and measurement modules. In addition to measuring ECU signals, INCA can use the ES582 module to calibrate ECU parameters, to reprogram an ECU’s flash memory, or for ECU diagnostics.


CAN FD (CAN with flexible data rate) is an improved, backward-compatible CAN protocol developed by Bosch. The principal differences to CAN consist in the increased payload data per message from 8 up to 64 bytes, the higher transmission speeds of up to 8 Mbit/s, and the longer checksums, which enhance transfer reliability. CAN FD meets the automotive industry’s need for higher bandwidth for networks. At the same time, CAN FD nodes can be easily integrated into existing CAN infrastructure.


  • Compact and cost-effective dual channel CAN FD bus interface for PC
  • Supports both ISO-conform and non-ISO-conform (CAN FD V1) Version of the CAN FD protocol
  • Y-cable for connecting both CAN channels of the interface module included in the delivery
  • Simple and direct connection to the host PC via USB interface
  • Optimized for recording of measurement data, ECU calibration, diagnostics, and flash programming tasks
  • Fully integrated with INCA
  • Electrical isolation of CAN interface and host PC

The ES582 with its CAN FD support is an ideal tool for a wide range of applications for both in classical CAN and in CAN FD area. For example, it can be connected to a vehicle CAN via the diagnostics service port. The ES582 supports all CAN protocols, e.g CCP, XCP, KWP-on-CAN, and UDS used by INCA. The protocols CCP and KWP-on-CAN (ISO14230/ISO15765) are only supported in CAN mode.

For vehicle validation, ODX-LINK, the INCA add-on for ECU diagnostics, can use the ES582 to access OBD-on-CAN functionality as well as to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), effectively eliminating the need for the use of a separate diagnostic service tool. ES582 also provides a SAE J2534 Pass Thru Interface for vehicle diagnostics and reprogramming with third party applications.