ES584 – USB CAN FD and LIN bus interface module

Compact and cost-effective, the ES584 interface features CAN FD and LIN bus channels. The module connects CAN FD and LIN buses or vehicle ECUs to a PC or laptop by USB, with the PC or laptop serving as the power supply. After the drivers have been installed, connection and configuration of the module are as straightforward as a typical USB installation.

The ES584 module can record measurement data via the CAN FD and LIN interface. This information is synchronized with the signals from other ECUs and measurement modules in INCA with great precision. In conjunction with the INCA software, the ES584 module can moreover be used to calibrate ECU parameters, program flash memory, and run diagnostics of vehicle electronics.


CAN FD (CAN with flexible data rate) is an improved, backward-compatible CAN protocol developed by BOSCH. It differs from CAN mainly as regards the increase of payload data per message from 8 to 64 bytes, higher transfer rates of up to 8 Mbit/s, and longer verification checks which, in turn, increase the reliability of the transfer. CAN FD satisfies the automobile industry’s demand for networks with higher bandwidths. At the same time, CAN FD nodes can be easily integrated into existing CAN infrastructure.


  • Supports ISO-compliant and non-ISO-compliant version of the CAN FD protocol
  • LIN support for master and slave mode
  • Y-cable for simultaneous connection of the CAN FD and LIN channels included
  • Simple and direct connection to the host computer via USB interface
  • Optimized for flash programming, recording measurement data, calibration, and diagnostics for ECUs
  • Fully compatible with INCA
  • Galvanic isolation of CAN-FD and LIN interfaces from the host computer offers protection from high voltage

With its support for CAN FD, the ES584 module is a suitable tool for a number of applications in both the conventional CAN and the CAN FD environments. For example, it can be connected to a vehicle CAN via the diagnostics service port. The module supports all protocols used by INCA, such as CCP, XCP, KWP-on-CAN, and UDS, although the CCP and KWP-on-CAN (ISO14230/ISO15765) protocols are supported in the conventional CAN mode only.

The ES584 module’s LIN interfaces can be operated in slave or master mode.

For validating vehicle diagnostics, the module can be used in conjunction with ODX-LINK, the INCA add-on for ECU diagnostics, as an interface for OBD-on-CAN and for reading and removing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). In such cases, a separate diagnostic service tool is not required. The ES584 module provides an open SAE-J2534-compliant pass-thru interface for vehicle diagnostics and flash programming.