Hardware Products

ETAS provides a wide variety of hardware for several application fields.

Software engineers and function developers use

For Hardware-in-the-Loop tests with LABCAR systems ETAS supplies a large number of hardware components to adapt the system to the requirements. This hardware contains:

  • Boards of the LABCAR I/O Components (ES4000/ES5000 measurement and stimulation hardware), LABCAR Stand-Alone Extensions for simulation of electrical failures (ES4440) and electrical loads (ES545x) as well as a breakout panel (ES5095)

Hardware for automotive testing, ECU calibration and diagnostics comprises


HSP contains the latest firmware versions for ETAS hardware and the HSP Update Tool.

Hardware Service Pack (HSP)

HSP enables an easy firmware update of all ETAS hardware products.


The Universal ETK / FETK / XETK ECU Interfaces provide rapid prototyping, measurement, and calibration applications with a high bandwidth real-time capable ECU access.

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