The ETAS ISOLAR product family comprises tools for designing and testing embedded software. ISOLAR products enable users to specify system and application software, configure basic software, and test the full scope of ECU software in virtual ECUs right in the early development stages.

ETAS ISOLAR - Tools for designing and testing embedded software

The ISOLAR product family supports industry standards like AUTOSAR and Eclipse, thereby improving efficiency in the software development and testing process. A principal goal of the ISOLAR product family is to shorten development and validation cycles by supporting more flexible and more productive development methods.

This goal is attained via a variety of measures: On the one hand, ISOLAR development and testing tools are easy to integrate with customer-specific development environments and third-party tools. On the other hand, work output can be validated and corrected at an earlier stage thanks to ECU virtualization. To do so, it is tested in a fast and flexible PC environment, with the enormous advantage that the restrictions of real ECU hardware don’t play a role.

The ETAS Consulting Team is happy to support your work with ETAS products from the ISOLAR product family, as well as answer general questions regarding embedded software development you might have. With individual measures, you can further optimize the effectiveness of your daily work.

Products in the ETAS ISOLAR product family

  • ISOLAR-A: Tool to create Systems and Application software for AUTOSAR Classic
  • ISOLAR-B: Tool for automated configuration of Basic software for AUTOSAR Classic
  • ISOLAR-VRTE: Tool for targeting Adaptive Application development and integration on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform


  • Tools for system, application, and basic software creation as well as for software tests in an integrated environment significantly accelerate the development of AUTOSAR-compliant automotive embedded software and reduce development costs.
  • To aid in the specification of AUTOSAR systems and application software, ISOLAR-A offers user guidance, automation assistance, flexibility, and compatibility, resulting in even more productivity.
  • Extensive automation in the configuration of AUTOSAR basic software using ISOLAR-B takes the stress of the software integrator and leads to better quality faster.
  • The tools from ETAS ISOLAR support demonstration of functional safety in the software engineering process, thereby securing the reliability of development output.