Open Standards

Support for open standards

ETAS ISOLAR-A is built on the Eclipse platform and provides an open and extendable tool architecture. This opens up the possibility of integrating user-specific functionalities, such as in the form of a plug-in.

Because ISOLAR-A is based on Eclipse and uses standardized AUTOSAR XML file formats (.arxml), it easily connects to configuration and version management systems such as SVN.

The data model of the AUTOSAR Tool Open Platform (Artop), which is the de facto standard for AUTOSAR-based tools, also provides the basis for ISOLAR-A.

Additionally, ISOLAR-A offers generic and specific editors to support developers in their work. Developers also benefit from the ISOLAR-A importers. Importers are tools, which makes it possible to reuse data in formats not native to AUTOSAR such as DBC (incl. SAE J1939 and ISOBUS 11783), FIBEX, LDF (incl. SAE J2602), and ODX as well as AUTOSAR’s own System, ECU and Diagnostic Extracts.

As part of a complete AUTOSAR solution, ISOLAR-A can be integrated with other AUTOSAR-compatible tools from ETAS and other providers. These tools include ETAS tools, which haven proven themselves millions of times over in series production: