Working with ISOLAR-B

System extensions

System extensions facilitate expansion of the AUTOSAR model in line with project requirements. That means gaps between system description and basic software configuration can be closed. The advantage: decidedly less manual work thanks to largely automated configuration of basic software according to system description. Non-AUTOSTAR descriptions, such as DBC or ODX information can also be integrated and further processed.

Zero configuration

Thanks to intelligent assessment of system information, basic software is largely configured via automation in supported use cases.

Iterative development

Incremental changes, such as modifications made to system descriptions, are easy to integrate with the help of diff/merge functions, which support iterative development in incremental steps. This is especially important for agile development.

Practical application

ISOLAR-B was developed for standard work processes of ECU software integrators and makes work noticeably easier. Integrators are then free to concentrate specifically on processing their tasks and reaching their objective faster. Here are the most important functions:

  • Largely automated basic software configuration according to system descriptions, such as ECU extracts or DBC file imports
  • User guidance for complex configuration tasks
  • Diff/merge function for seamless support when integrating changes into iterative development processes
  • Distinction between artifacts generated automatically and those generated manually in diff/merge
  • Improved configuration of service components, runtime environment (RTE), and operating system (OS) via access to the entire AUTOSAR model
  • PDU/message viewer offers a visual overview of COM stack configuration
  • Rule-based validation of AUTOSAR conformity
  • Seamless integration with further AUTOSAR tools, such as ISOLAR-A for improved work processes and shorter roundtrip times, as well as with RTA-BSW for BSW generation

Seamless tool chain

ISOLAR-B completes ETAS' AUTOSAR solution. Conjointly with ISOLAR-A and RTA-BSW, ETAS delivers a seamlessly coordinated tool chain for high productivity in ECU software projects.