MDF-IP – Measure Data Format Integration Package

The MDF Integration Package (MDF-IP) enables fast and easy integration of the measure data file formats MDF3, the new MDF4 standard and other formats used by in-house and third-party applications. Via C++ API or COM-API programming, it can be integrated into many different working environments in which measurement files are generated or used. MDF-IP provides an interface for reading and writing multiple measure data file formats. It facilitates rapid and reliable measurement data storage and access.

By using MDF-IP, customers benefit from reduced development costs and simplified measurement file handling. MDF-IP is provided as a development kit with interface documentation, examples, tutorial and user’s guide.

Functions at a Glance

  • Powerful software library for reading and writing measurement data
  • Fully compliant with new MDF4 ASAM standard
  • Supports MDF4, MDF3, and ASCII data formats
  • Support of specific data formats (e.g. Famos or Matlab®) can be added
  • Easy integration into own in-house applications or third-party tools
  • Seamless data exchange with INCA and MDA
  • Multi-client access and multi-file support