ETAS in Germany

ETAS Germany, located in Stuttgart, was founded in 1994. As a reliable and responsible partner to the automotive industry, ETAS provides its customers with comprehensive and integrated tools and tool solutions for development and service of automotive ECUs. The product portfolio is strengthened with engineering services, consulting, training, and premium customer support. ETAS Germany also services Austria and Eastern Europe.

Global Headquarters in Stuttgart


Borsigstr. 24
70469 Stuttgart


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Travelling by car

When you arrive, you can leave your car in the Bosch-Parkhaus P67 parking garage, located at Kruppstraße 38, 70469 Stuttgart. Please use the designated ETAS visitor parking spaces.


Arrival by public transport

Feuerbach Bahnhof station:
Suburban train (S-Bahn): S4, S5 and S6 / S60
Subway (U-Bahn): U6 and U13

Borsigstraße station:
Subway (U-Bahn): U7 and U15

Journey planner and tickets:

Sales Germany

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our employees. Should you have questions concerning our products or services, please contact our sales department.

Careers at ETAS in Germany

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Service and Support

Our support team is available:
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. CET

Support for Software Engineering Tools (SE)

Products: ASCET, SCODE, CONGRA, INTECRIO, EHOOKS, ISOLAR, VAP, RTA-Products, Rapid Prototyping Hardware, CaliAV
Topics: Modelling, Simulation, Rapid Prototyping, Automatic Code Generation, Realtime Operating System, Autosar Authoring

Phone: +49 711 3423-2311

Support for Test- and Validation Systems (HiL/TV)

Topics: Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Simulation with LABCAR, Test Automation with LABCAR-AUTOMATION

Phone: +49 711 3423-2314

Support for Measurement, Calibration and Diagnostics (MCD)

Products: INCA, HSP, ASCMO, MDA, ODX, Integration of Matlab® and Simulink®
Topics: ECU Access, Measurement, Calibration (Serial, Parallel, Virtual), Flashing of ECUs, Diagnostics, Analysis of Measure Data and Formats, Automation Solutions for MCD, Data Management, Instruments, Installation and Licensing

Phone: +49 711 3423-2315

Customer Training in Germany

Events and Speeches in Germany

We look forward to meeting you in person.

Join us at the following trade fairs and conferences. Here is an overview of the numerous events where we participate with an exhibit or a lecture.

For questions, please contact our ETAS Events Team:

Trade Shows

Event Date Location
embedded world 25 Feb 2020 27 Feb 2020 Nuremberg, Germany
Stuttgarter Symposium 17 Mar 2020 18 Mar 2020 Stuttgart, Germany
ETAS Connections 2020 23 Mar 2020 24 Mar 2020 Sutttgart
6th International ATZ Conference "Automated Driving 2020" 31 Mar 2020 01 Apr 2020 Wiesbaden, Germany
Automotive Testing Expo Europe 16 Jun 2020 18 Jun 2020 Stuttgart, Germany
Automobil Elektronik Kongress 23 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020 Ludwigsburg, Germany
ELIV MarketPlace 13 Oct 2020 14 Oct 2020 Baden-Baden, Germany

Presentations 2019

Event Date Location
International Conference on Calibration Methods and Automotive Data Analytics 21 May 2019 22 May 2019  Berlin
Thomas Kruse: "Optimizing Gaseous and Particle Emissions of a GDI Engine by Coupling a Dynamic Data-Based Engine Model with ECU Injection Structures"
Automatisiertes Fahren 2019 (2) 02 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019  Wiesbaden
Thomas Schoepfner: "High performance data acquisition and replay with 4 Gbyte/s for development of highly automated driving functions"
Automatisiertes Fahren 2019 (1) 02 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019  Wiesbaden
Jürgen Häring : " Validation of Level 4–5 Functions with a Cloud-based simulation"
19. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium 2019 19 Mar 2019 20 Mar 2019  Stuttgart
Dr. Detlef Zerfowski (zusammen mit Andreas Lock, Robert Bosch GmbH) : "Funktionsarchi­tektur und E/E-Architektur – eine Herausforderungen in der Automobilindustrie"

Presentations 2018

Event Date Location
EUROFORUM Konferenz: Future of Automotive Software 10 Dec 2018 11 Dec 2018  München
Dr. Detlef Zerfowski: "Vehicle Computer: Innovative SW für innovative Lösungen"
CR Colloquium 04 Dec 2018   Renningen
Dr. Markus Behle: "SCODE and CONGRA – new methods and tools for function and software development"
ESE Kongress 03 Dec 2018 07 Nov 2018  Sindelfingen
Dr. Detlef Zerfowski: "Titel: Automotive SW: Vertikalisierung versus Horizontalisierung, Subtitle: Die ®Evolution der Automotive SW schreitet voran"
VDI-Kongress ELIV (Electronics In Vehicles) 16 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2018  Baden-Baden
Dr. Markus Behle: "SCODE and CONGRA – new methods and tools for function and software development"
Fachkongress „Fortschritte in der Automobil-Elektronik“ 2018 19 Jun 2018 20 Jun 2018  Ludwigsburg
Friedhelm Pickhard: "The Art of Cyber Security Orchestration"
Forum Künstliche Intelligenz 17 May 2018   Stuttgart
Dr. Holger Ulmer, ETAS GmbH: "Wie man die Sicherheit von tiefen neuronalen Netzen verbessert"
Driver Assistance Systems 2018 C 18 Apr 2018 19 Apr 2018  Wiesbaden
Marc Habiger, Product Development Simulation Models, ETAS GmbH : "Systematically generated and complete tests for complex driving scenarios"
Driver Assistance Systems 2018 B 18 Apr 2018 19 Apr 2018  Wiesbaden
Alberto Fernandez, Director Product Management Measurement, Calibration and Diagnostics Solutions, ETAS GmbH: "Connected development in driver assistance"
Driver Assistance Systems 2018 A 18 Apr 2018 19 Apr 2018  Wiesbaden
Marc Habiger, Product Development Simulation Models, ETAS: "Systematically generated and complete tests for complex driving scenarios"
embedded world conference - ESCRYPT class 28 Feb 2018   Nuremberg
Several speakers from ESCRYPT, eTrans Systems, and other companies: "The ESCRYPT Class – Securing V2X Communication in Connected Vehicles"
embedded world conference - ETAS class 27 Feb 2018   Nuremberg
Several speakers from ETAS, Eclipse Foundation, pure-systems, CEA LIST, MES, Pike Tec, Gliwa, itemis, and other companies: "The ETAS-Class: From Idea to Production ECU Code in One Day"

Terms and Conditions (ETAS GmbH)

Terms and Conditions (ETAS GmbH)