CycurLIB On Board Millions of Volkswagen Vehicles

German car manufacturer implements ETAS’s cryptographic library as standard security software.

For many years now, ETAS has partnered with Volkswagen in the design and implementation of innovative security solutions. The automotive manufacturer from Wolfsburg has come to rely on our longstanding experience and industry expertise in a range of research and advance development activities. This includes using ETAS’s cryptographic library CycurLIB as its standard security software for securing in-vehicle communications and vehicle connectivity. “Data security is critical to the majority of developments in the connected vehicle. And with ETAS, Volkswagen has a pioneer and technology leader in automotive security at its side,” say those responsible for security at Volkswagen. “Cryptographic algorithms and protocols are the basis of any security solution for the connected vehicle. ETAS’S cryptographic library CycurLIB provides all the necessary cryptographic algorithms in a modular format, so they can be customized for the demands of our individual applications.”

In-vehicle communications are protected by cryptographic techniques, such as digital signature verification, which prevent manipulation of safety-critical signals in the on-board electronics and allow control unit software to boot up securely. With a view to vehicle connectivity use cases, encryption algorithms protect diagnostic access, flash programming, and firmware updates from manipulation and data theft. On top of this, they ensure the proper transfer of data in V2X applications.

CycurLIB features a whole range of highly efficient implementations of common cryptographic functions. The library is precisely tailored to the demands of embedded systems and excels in its resource efficiency, great portability, and platform independence,” says Felix Grehl, product manager at ETAS. “Our library is compliant with MISRA and meets the most stringent FIPS security standards. It is installed in millions of Volkswagen vehicles, and there alone it has proven itself again and again over many years.”

You can find further product information here.