Collecting measurement data for automated vehicle systems

Stuttgart, February 28, 2018 – To develop and test the advanced systems involved in vehicle automation, huge quantities of data need to be collected at high rates. ETAS has joined forces with partners to develop a vehicle-specific solution that encompasses the following components:

  • New ETAS GETK control unit interface with integrated pre-processor
  • High-performance data loggers being developed in collaboration with
    a partner
  • Integration of GETK and loggers into the ADTF software environment, distributed by ETAS
  • Management of measurement data using EADM, an ETAS IT environ­ment that allows for efficient access to large quantities of stored vehicle data

Visitors to embedded world will witness the power of the solution in an ADAS demo shown by our experts at the ETAS booth.
Smart systems that automate driving, connect vehicles, and further mitigate their impact on the environment are opening up a new class of vehicle. In the case of vehicle automation, this calls for exact monitoring of driving and envi­ron­mental conditions, achieved by powerful sensors, image processing, and object recognition systems.

In order to monitor their surroundings effectively, advanced driver assistance systems need to exchange large quantities of data at extremely high rates. As a result, developing and testing automated vehicles requires especially high-performance solutions capable of collecting, storing, managing, and playing back system data. Here, ETAS is developing a vehicle-specific measurement system able to simultaneously collect large quantities of data at high rates – precisely what is needed for highly automated and fully automated applications.

The holistic ETAS solution encompasses the following components: Enterprise Automotive Data Management EADM; the ADTF software environment, distrib­uted by ETAS; high-performance data loggers developed by ETAS in collabora­tion with a partner; and a new control unit interface, the GETK, which uses an integrated pre-processor to pre-process data streams. The innovative ECU inter­face can be used both to collect data and to test automated vehicle func­tions. The first GETK variant, the GETK-P3, will be released this year. The solu­tion supports the relevant vehicle buses, data formats, and protocols, and offers open interfaces so that it can be integrated into existing development architec­tures.


ETASは、自動車業界やその他の組み込み業界のお客様向けに、組み込みシステム開発用の革新的なソリューションを提供しています。ETASは多彩なポートフォリオを提供するシステムプロバイダであり、統合ツールやツールソリューションからエンジニアリングサービス、コンサルティング、トレーニング、およびサポートまで、さまざまな分野に対応しています。IoTセキュリティソリューションについては、ETASの子会社であるESCRYPTが総合的に対応します。1994年に設立されたETAS GmbHは、Boschグループの完全子会社であり、欧州、北米、南米、アジアに海外子会社および営業拠点を展開しています。

Anja Krahl

Senior Manager Press and Public Relations